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  Hubei Li Mei Pharmaceutical Packing Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful industrial zone of Ezhou Sanjiang Port, the inner circle of core of Wuhan city circle. East of the Yangtze golden waterway, is the bridgehead of Huanggang Yangtze River Bridge, south of Ezhou City, the main city, west "nine provinces thoroughfare," the provincial capital of Wuhan, Ezhou and "Wuhan city circle" integrated transport along the main hub port, the region has taken shape It has a good location advantage and resource endowment. It has the advantages of "public, iron and water" transportation, "river, sea and lake" direct traffic system.
  Company covers an area of 39,980 square meters, plant construction area of 5,200 square meters, with modern management models, improve the quality assurance system to provide customers with fine, zero defect quality products, while providing customers with more than expected services.
  My company currently has a fully enclosed clean workshop, in line with GMP requirements of 100,000 clean packaging. Equipped with central sanitary air-conditioning system. Ultra-clean air compression system, creating a favorable condition to fully ensure the cleanliness of medicinal aluminum tubes.
  Hubei Li Mei Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd. is always focusing on improving the quality of business groups, and constantly establish and improve the training system, regular staff vocational skills training.
  The company has five domestic advanced automatic aluminum tube production line, the annual capacity is more over 150 million , the production process and quality control in full compliance with the state Food and Drug Administration released the national standard YBB00162002-2015 "aluminum medicinal Ointment tube. "

  The quality of the company as the company's operation and development of the fundamental, the establishment of a sound quality assurance system, equipped with high-precision quality testing equipment. Products from raw material inspection to the production process until the products are issued a complete record and strict control of all finished and semi-finished products with tracking and traceability to ensure that the quality of products provided to customers in line with control standards.
  The company's aluminum ointment tube products are safe, sanitary, corrosion-resistant, no leakage, beautiful and easy to use and green. Products according to the mouth of the mouth in the form of different can be divided into openings, sealing and pointed mouth three series, with a thin top molding, thin top lettering, the shoulder embossing mark, tube shoulder roll coating, but also according to customer requirements with cleaning head , Protective ring, special cap, special thread, special wall thickness and other special specifications and forms of aluminum tubes. The official body color printing using the most advanced six-color printing technology, complete product specifications, including Φ13.5 ~ Φ25mm and other specifications, body length and other requirements can be customized according to customer requirements, we are committed to providing customers with more Personalized selection, all products have been 100% testing to ensure product quality.
  Hubei Li Mei products have been widely used well-known at home and aboard and established a good brand image and market reputation. We always follow the "quality first, customers first, pragmatic work, integrity life" for the purpose of providing quality services to our customers.


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